Socarraslawfirminjury attorney Boca Raton – Tips on Searching for an Injury Law Firm

One good reason you are searching for ‘SocarrasLawFirmInjury attorney Boca Raton’ is that you have been in an accident and are seeking legal advice or even representation. That is well and good. You should always put your health first and make sure that you recover as soon as possible. You ought it to, not only yourself but, your family and loved ones too.

Unfortunately, there are “personal injury law firms” out there that prey on vulnerable people. They know that anyone in dire straits will be vulnerable and will grasp at any chance, without seeing that the moment’s decision might result in unfavorable circumstances later.

This it to say that, just like there are truly helpful and compassionate personal injury law firms, there are some that bring ill-repute to the profession. So, how do you, the victim of an accident, differentiate the good ones from the bad ones?

Here are a few things to take into consideration:

a.       Free Consultation

A good injury law firm will always give you a free consultation. This is in contrast to those that will ask you for an arm and a leg the moment you step through their doors.

Ask if you will get your first consultation for free, if not, do an about turn and walk out.

b.      Experience

Not all injury lawyers were born equal; neither do all firms that handle injury law have the same amount of experience in handling cases. You should never forget that each and every case has its own unique angle with which to approach it.

One of the first questions you should therefore ask is whether the firm has any experience handling cases that are exactly or as near similar to yours. If not, then you would be well advised to go and search for a more experienced firm.

c.       Confidence

In case you decide to stick with the firm, ask how confident they are that they will have the case settled in your favor. A firm with substantial experience in the local courts will know outright whether they will be able to win. At the very least, they will be able to provide you with statistics that show you have a fair chance at doing so.

If they waver or hesitate, think again.

d.      Transparency

As you probably already know, personal injury lawyers work on a commission basis. If you win the settlement, they will get a percentage of your compensation.

A good personal injury law firm will, from the outset, tell you how much you can expect initially, how much will go to them and how much you will finally pocket. Everything should be printed in black and white.

If you are uncomfortable with any part of this process, then you better make a quick retreat.


If you are searching for ‘SocarrasLawFirmInjury attorney Boca Raton’ then you probably know that you are seeking the aid of one of the leading injury law firms in the country.


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